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For invertors two types of batteries are commonly used. One type is lead acid battery and the other is concealed battery. Both are tubular type but lead acid batteries are more suitable long life applications. Murickens has developed two types of lead acid batteries.Heat sealed tubular batteries and Heat sealed INVA tubular batteries both in C 20 series. Heat sealed INVA tubular batteries are made with extra cabin capacity for the carriage of more acid that acts as a coolant and it gives more back up time than heat sealed tubular standard battery. For solar inverter applications we prefer lead acid INVA tubular heat sealed batteries in C 10 series.They are more efficient to complete the charging discharging cycle common in solar systems. Our batteries have international quality with ISO standard certification.


► Specially designed for solar applications. ► Suitable for frequent cycle duty. ► For solar applications C-10 model and C-20 for normal UPS and inverter. ► Efficiency 90%. ► Tubular positive Grid cast with special alloy.

► Manufactured and assembled with top quality Rugged Hard Rubber Mono-Block Containers with handle for easy lifting.

► Designed with extra electrolyte head for long frequency topping up. ► Micro porous PVC Aqua Trap Vent Plugs and Corrosion-Resistant Alloy prevents corrosion and acid fumes being emitted. ► Specially designed for smooth and trouble free long life. ► Three-year Warranty. ► Low maintenance. ► Heat sealed process help for trouble free working. ► Flyline lead acid batteries maintain the highest level ISO 9001- 2015 certification


Murickens Group

Dimension ( +/5 mm) Weight (kg+/-5%) Volume
Initial charge
minimum AH
Volts Gravity
Length Width Height Dry Filed
120 AH 20" 8" 18.5" 28,3 64.3 24.6 450 12 V (1.220 Sp.


150 AH 20" 8" 18.5" 33.5 60.01 23.6 540 12 V (1.220 Sp. Gr)
200 AH 20" 8" 18.5" 45 72 21.4 720 12 V (1.220 Sp. Gr)
Our various ranges are :- 40AH, 60AH, 80AH, 100AH, 120AH, 150AH, 200AH, Standard Tubular, Standard Tubular Heat sealed, and EL tubular heat sealed batteries for solar applications..

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