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Pure sine wave inverter or ups is a modified version of online system with the aim of reducing investment cost and getting good result. It is an essential inverter for the working of highly sensitive equipments, which is commonly used in labs and hospitals for getting accurate out put or result.

► Pure Sine Wave output. ► Maintenance free and Attractive designs. ► It has low power consumption. ► Single switch operation. ► Fully Automatic. ► Auto Resetting. ► Protection from Lightening, High/Low voltage trip. ► Over Load Protection. ► Single sided PCB, easy to assemble without any SMD components. ► Over charge cut off and Deep discharge cut in. ► Bridge type center aligned switching MOSFET based topology. ► Digital display for charging voltage, main voltage, inverter voltage, load etc. ► Audio and Visual indicators. ► Can connect to the existing wiring. ► DSP based very low component cost design. ► Settable SMPS intelligent charging system. ► No husking sound.


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